All-In-One SEO vs WordPress SEO by Yoast: Plugins for WordPress


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  1. Gatot
    Gatot says:

    i've just got this from yoast, im not kidding

    Thanks for the email! When the plugin is purchased you will get a license. That license entitles you to support and updates for one year. At the end of one year you will have the option to renew. Renewing would be the only additional payment if you go with premium. If you do renew after one year you will get a 25% renewal discount. If you decide not to renew, while the plugin will continue to work on your site, it will degrade overtime without support and updates.

    You can learn more about the plugin including how to buy it here:

    Please let us know if you have anymore questions.

  2. Digital Marketing Pro
    Digital Marketing Pro says:

    In your opinion(s) are there any adverse affects from switching over from All In One to Yoast (or vice versa?) I originally started off with All In One. Used it for many years, and ranked fairly well. Then, when Yoast started getting popular I switched. After the switch, I noticed that I was not ranking strongly for low competition keywords like I used to. Yoast's interface was also a bit confusing in comparison. So eventually I went back to All In One. But if Yoast is truly better, that's what I want to use.

  3. bob112649
    bob112649 says:

    Thank you, but didn't you review your video before you uploaded it? It looks like you spent a few thousand dollars on mikes that were not connected right. Anyway except for that you guys do a great job. Remember to review before you upload.

  4. Paul T
    Paul T says:

    hi guys…
    thanks for the great info.
    I have tried both SEO plugins, and Yoast did the best for me…
    however, I can't seem to correct the infamous problem: duplicate meta titles and descriptions – after searching the web and various forums, the canonical feature and nofollows on archives, etc didn't seem to fix the problem.
    maybe i'm just missing something. 🙁
    thanks again.

  5. Matt Medeiros
    Matt Medeiros says:

    Glad you like the videos – that's why we do them!

    All-in-one and Yoast would work perfectly fine with WooCommerce. We use Yoast on all of our WordPress installs. As for optimizing each individual page – there's a lot that can be done, but start with Yoast. Loads of good out of the box features to help you with that.

  6. Unglove
    Unglove says:

    Love you guys…Not sure how I ran across your videos but after the first one I subscribed and this is the 6th or 7th one…just cruising through them learning tons…I'm curios…I'm working on Woocommerce sites and say an extension to the All-in-one SEO for Woocommerce…Does YOST blend in with the products? What would be the best way to get great SEO for individual products? Thanks for some Great Information explained very clearly. Awesome.

  7. Kaue Lima
    Kaue Lima says:

    I have a blog with 5 more authors writing for it, at first i tried to teach them by hand how to write in an optimized way. I gave up lol… but with yoast i just have to say: "Any post with a green dot gets a free cookie!" and shazam! They all write like Webwritting masters hahaha

  8. Kaue Lima
    Kaue Lima says:

    The main advantage of Yoast is that besides helping you to tweak the settings, it also helps to teach you and other authors in your blog how to write better for web in general! seeing the bullets in analisys and correcting them has a great learning purpose!


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