An (un)helpful guide to Johnny Seo


pronto, los subtítulos en español ♥*


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  1. Senpai Jecho
    Senpai Jecho says:

    BGM is Good Thing by NCT 127

    The guides for all the members are up! Check out the Unhelpful guides playlist! Yes, I will make a guide for the Rookies (Yangyang, Hendery and Xiao Jun) after they debut 😀

  2. Karma Armia
    Karma Armia says:

    The fact that this video says he has a resting bitch face when I got one. It's so bad for me that I'll be paying attention in class and the person next to me will go "yo ___ calm down, you look really to kill the teacher" I can be the happiest and still look like a bitch


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