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As you’re probably aware, at Yoast, we’re all about WordPress. But if you prefer to build your site differently, using another CMS or even static site generation, …


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  1. Henrique Cavalieri
    Henrique Cavalieri says:

    To be honest, Yoast, I disagree with your premise hahahah

    Oversimplifying such a big topic in favor of "just use WordPress" is not the way to go. The static sites ecosystem is growing in full force and you better position yourself to cater to such a market – which comes at a very low effort -, else you run the risk of losing relevance over time!

    Please don't delete this video, though, it's gonna generate a few laughs and a lessons-learned in 2-years time 😄

  2. Nikola Krtinic
    Nikola Krtinic says:

    Hi Yoast I am using your premium plugin for my wordpress theme and I am wondering is there an option for og title, description, etc for multiple languages … I don't want to serve the same title or description for German and English version of the page for example


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