How Misorang Seo Went from Dentist to TV Personality | INSPIRE ME


Welcome to the first episode of my new interview series, “Inspire Me”, where I sit down and talk with influential people who have inspirational stories to share.


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  1. cosmichiking
    cosmichiking says:

    i screamed when she said she has scoliosis! i just found seo misorang through arirang tv and thought that she has such an eloquent way of speaking. her journey truly inspired me and i also found this very encouraging as i am planning to pursue in the same field! thank you serina hwang for this charming and motivating interview!

  2. acelsg
    acelsg says:

    damn I didn't know theres a vid on her… Ive been her fan for so long… my dream girl: smart, lovely, down to earth… everything I want…

  3. Klaus Cartesius
    Klaus Cartesius says:

    Typical ROK attitude: Be smart, work hard, get a safe profession you can always fall back on, then try to get more – fame in this case. Good genetic looks are essential, and there's always cosmetic surgery available, too. Liberal arts and Sweden are dangerous influences, but otherwise, she's well on her way to getting famous, if she can handle all the stress and hypocrisy of PC mainstream media. Perfect makeup, clothing, well rehearsed smiles and gestures, "idol" reasoning and behavior all the way, networking and connections with the right people and businesses… and we have an international media star who never needs to say or do something truly genuine (and thereby hard and potentially risky). One politically "wrong" move and the career will flop, so there is no other way than the PC way. Media is attractive, but also a gilded cage.

  4. 최현웅
    최현웅 says:

    Hello Misorang Seo.
    My name is Choi Hyun Woong.

    "Intelligence" on Arirang TV got me to look for all the information about you.
    Your leading style was quite impressive.

    I'm a father of one daughter who is 6 years now, my wife and I have been thinking about going abroad very seriously.

    The reason is that I'm teaching English in Korea and I don't like the educational systemp in Korea, but I have no choice but to leave this country.

    In view of this, I want to ask you three questions.

    1. I read in the article that you moved to New Zealand at the age of 8. Could you tell us about your story in New Zeland and what do you think of educational system there?

    2. Did you go to New Zealand with your parents or just with you brother?

    3. I guess you are perfectly bilingual. What kind of motivation and efforts made you become a perfect bilingual?

    Since I saw you on Arirang, I have been gathering your profile because I want to make my daughter happy.

    I'm looking forward to getting your response^^

    Many thanks. from Brian. Choi.

  5. DotoriRN
    DotoriRN says:

    I so relate to this video! I am a Korean nurse in North America, practicing as a nurse, but I felt the same way as Ms. Seo did.. so now I am going to school to do pre-med, study cardiac nursing on the side. I want to try other things since I already have a career I can keep for a long time and I am still young. With the language crisis I can total relate to also. Thank you for your video it's very inspiring 🙂

  6. Penny
    Penny says:

    your first guest is spot on! she's so pretty, smart, cheerful, funny, positive, hard working, wow..
    i'm wondering though how she got the job in the first place if she wasn't good in talking. i'm not a good speaker too, and it was one of the hurdles for me to get a job (generally, not like tv presenter kind of job). it's like having communication skill is the most important skill to have nowadays

  7. iampangwen
    iampangwen says:

    Misorang is very inspirational! I love the way she speaks, it's very professional and has a great head on her shoulders! Thanks for bringing this series Serina, I'm looking forward to more!

  8. 85cube
    85cube says:

    I fail to understand what's "inspiring" about her. she was born smart and attractive and most likely in a good family. in a developed country that means you can be anything you want with little effort. she didn't overcome any major difficulty or problem in her life.
    inspirational level = zero.

  9. missmegs
    missmegs says:

    i love this series serina! thank u so much!! also thank u to misorang for such words of wisdom. u two r so inspiring <3 im about to enter the work field post college and this is exactly what i needed.

  10. Diane
    Diane says:

    Thanks so much for this insightful interview Serina! You're quite creative with your content and can't wait to see more!!
    Natasha, I have a question about your Korean name- it's very pretty and it seems that it contains 4 parts rather than the conventional 3, and was just curious as to how your parents came about giving you your unique name/if it originates from a certain part of Korea? Thank you, much love! x


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