SEO Best Practices 2019 (White Hat On Page SEO Tactics)


Today we cover SEO best practices based on the SEO audit template I’ve created here: If you …


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  1. David Saitta
    David Saitta says:

    Chase, Good video.
    Wondering if you have preferences in platforms to build websites in or plugins to use or ones to stay away from that blog down WP…..Spent 4 calls (well over 2.5 hrs wasted) today myself frustrated with Godaddy thinking my hosting was #$Q@ when it actually was three of the same cache-based plugins @#*@$ing up my site pushing my GTMetx scores over 15 second load times and etc. Also had some css issues, along with two plugins that replicated CDN activity to top off the day….#TomorrowsAnotherDay.
    But back to that foundation as a part of SEO so many don't get it starts with even control over a domain name, your build platform (its updates) plugins, your hosting to support and more… D..


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