SEO For Bloggers | 5 Tips to Improve Your Blog's SEO


As a blogger, you have probably heard about SEO. You probably know that it stands for Search Engine Optimization and has to do with adding keywords to your …


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  1. flycatcher creations
    flycatcher creations says:

    Does having a dash (-) in the image file name help SEO out or does it matter. So like from your example is 'berry-mojito' better for the crawlers than 'berry mojito' for the image file name? Great content thank you so a ton!

  2. Paula Puddephatt
    Paula Puddephatt says:

    Awesome video, so informative. I'm an author blogger, and am in the relatively early stages of building my online presence. This is one of the most helpful resources I've discovered so far. Thank you. 😃👍💝💖

  3. Saharin Cuker
    Saharin Cuker says:

    If you`re looking for the best service to get real visitors to your blog, i recommend to try SpeedRankSEO. I am using it with an excellent result. Simply type speedrankseo in search engines.

  4. Nat Alleblas - SEO Sleuth
    Nat Alleblas - SEO Sleuth says:

    Great explanation, and I like that you remind people to write for their audience and not just for SEO- if your audience isn't interested in your blog post topic, then all the best SEO in the world isn't going to drive traffic to it.


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