Seo In Guk's house revealed @When A Man Lives Alone


[ENG SUB] I Live Alone Pilot Episode Cut – Part 1 [CookiesFromGukkie_subs]: Here is the channel created by …


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  1. MaseonguiJae
    MaseonguiJae says:

    I don't think it's that bad, really! The floor is still clean and the sink is not stained either. Just like Seo In Guk stated he must be busy that he just throw things around and not organize things back to their place. I know the feeling because I'm also like that, or even worse. I just want to rest when I have time off.

  2. Jawaria saleem
    Jawaria saleem says:

    I am every time want home should be very neat & clean also love to Maintain my room,home 💕 very clean all the time,also ✌️liked those men & women not only women should be ,Tidy,Discipline & Clean ✌️✌️😝🙂


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