The Hidden Benefits of A Short URL for Google SEO


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  1. Karen Vaisman
    Karen Vaisman says:

    As always great content Neil! Question on local seo – do you recommend a URL with a town name in it along with your keyword in it? Example: KarenVaismanPhotography/Headshots or /Headshots-ThousandOaks ?  or do you recommend just putting town name on page content, or making a URL called locations and list all your local town? thanks! – Karen

  2. Latosha The Stylist
    Latosha The Stylist says:

    Hi, I am interested in shortening my youtube URL and having problems doing so ( I just started my channel so I am not eligible for a custom URL just yet, but I need it shorter so it will look better on my instagram account) I tried bitly but it knocks out the name youtube when shortening. How can I shorten my URL link and still have youtube inside the link? I hope this makes sense

  3. Hossain Rasel
    Hossain Rasel says:

    I bought a two words domain but it is competitive, it has two sides search- such as (high protein dog food) (Low protein dog food ) my domain name is (pets protein). please give me a suggestion is this domain is suitable for me?

  4. AT George
    AT George says:

    Hi Neil, Great to see your Channel. A Different Topic, What is the best daily budget to test a product from Aliexpress in Facebook for Dropshipping. Please reply

  5. Mikey Digital
    Mikey Digital says:

    hey neil,

    first i want to thank you and your team for all the content you guys put out. im trying to research much as possible on Digital Marketing and i have a question for you.

    you once said "out of all channels i tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them" do you feel this is still the case? cheers

  6. Stefaan Quackels
    Stefaan Quackels says:

    The buying domain tactic for kw-ranking is an interesting one. Would it help with rankings if I, for example, write a post on a "Comprehensive Trello Guide" and then buy the domain ""?

    Keeping in mind this domain has no backlinks or authority yet?

  7. Deen
    Deen says:

    If I was to start a digital marketing strategy for a small business with high competition, where should I prioritize more like – should I put more weight on Social Media, the online presence or optimizing the hell out of their site.

    I know it's all about the combination and how you mix it up and balance. Still, what would be your advice for me?

  8. Maulik Dave
    Maulik Dave says:

    Hi Neilbhai
    Can u create a video for tips on ranking in local seo organically ? Any other quick way help me rank quickly on google first page for specific city than backlinks ?


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