How to Rank #1 in Google [New Step-by-Step Case Study]


Today you’re going to learn EXACTLY how to rank in Google (step-by-step). In fact, in this video I’m going to show you the exact process that I used to rank #1 for …


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  1. Atul Gulrajani
    Atul Gulrajani says:

    Please share the details of finding a person who likes the content and shares it a lot. Who are the real "influencers" in their respective social network. It would be massive help! Thanks mate, for the awesome video on SEO!

  2. Lance Winslow
    Lance Winslow says:

    Thanks, as the most prolific online article writer in history (31,500) I am very much enjoying all your videos on SEO strategy and having fun 'Liking' them all. Be great.

    Oh another thing you can do when updating old content on blogs for instance is to change the title. "How Google Used to Rank Pages and What Just Changed [New Apricot Algorithm]. Then you leave the old content and write 400 words above, then subtitle; the old title [SEO History]. Add some pictures. Lastly, all internal links should open a new page, which leaves the viewer on the old page while he's reading your other link, adds to viewing time of first page coming from search engine. Just some thoughts.

  3. M Sane Akhtar
    M Sane Akhtar says:

    Hi! Brian
    I have a question that if I give links of my competitors on my home page, will it improve my rank?
    I've learned a lot from your channel about YouTube SEO and now I'm trying my hands on Google. So i thought it would be nice to have some advice over such ideas.
    Thanks in advance

  4. Miki Yau
    Miki Yau says:

    hi Brian thanks for all this information I need to know . I just started my new blog which got 3 posts. After hearing your advice, there's a lot of improvement to do it on my blog. Anyway, i will do it step by step and make it ranked in google one day. Appreciate your video.

  5. hoov45
    hoov45 says:

    Is there a good way to outrank quiz sites with an extensive article? Does the article need a quiz within it? What's going to be the best choice for a good quiz plugin for WordPress?

  6. FreeBird Safety Services
    FreeBird Safety Services says:

    Well I must be doing something right. With only 18 months experience in website design this old construction guy is using my Google ranking to prove my company in growing. using the Incognito function on Chrome I did a search for this phrase. "construction safety companies fraser valley" the most generalised phrase of my occupation coupled with the name of the district that encompassed 1.2 dozen cities. Google came back with "About 7,400,000 results (0.36 seconds)". Not only was my google maps section featured on the right side of the page, my company took the 2nd and 3rd spot in ranking. the first was an advertisement from Yellow Pages. So I clicked on it. Iwas #2 on that list as well..

  7. Mark Barner
    Mark Barner says:

    Hi Brian. Awesome content as always! You rock… I have been doing some of your tips without knowing it was important – now I will do it everytime. Thanks. And can I ask what application you do your animations in?

  8. Yehoshua Racz
    Yehoshua Racz says:

    Your video cool 😎 as usual! My question is if you can do advertising just with SEO and really free not to buy any links? And if I have to buy links how much I I have spent on it. for a small business owner?

  9. Varun riat
    Varun riat says:

    Hi brian very nice video How an I establish myself as a brand Like have a million views on quora or 1 lakh views and lots of subscribers on youtube or what should be the way


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