【TVPP】Jung-Eum,Seo-Jun,Jun- Hee,Siwon- 'She Was Pretty', 정음, 서준, 준희, 시원 - 그.예 인터뷰 @Section TV


【TVPP】 Jung-Eum, Seo-Jun, Jun- Hee, Siwon – ‘She Was Pretty’ Interview, 정음, 서준, 준희, 시원 – ‘그녀는 예뻤다’ 인터뷰 @Section TV Hwang Jung-eum #006, …


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  1. sheilah mendoza
    sheilah mendoza says:

    lead actress is soo funny she acts without hesitation .. she doesnt care of what she may look when delivering her lines .. thats what it makes her acting natural.. i love park seo joons acting too my heartbeat stops whenever i watched him.. siwoons is so funny too hes role suits him very well.. all of them plays their role perfectly..

  2. Lenu
    Lenu says:

    Well they got me real good, I thought Ten would be the chief editor and the VPs son would be Kim Shin Hyuk😂😂 love this drama, all the characters are so alive!!

  3. Sinister Strawberry
    Sinister Strawberry says:

    I have to admit. She wasn't pretty at all with that curly hair and bright pink cheeks. The reason I watched it at first was CSW's crazy character.
    Then later I found that her character is lovable. Love it


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