news stories published before the event , predictive programming, SEO 101  or ISO 8601 404


1988/06/15 00:00 GMT unambiguous well-defined method of representing date & time Information Data elements & interchange formats was first published by …


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  1. fawnspy
    fawnspy says:

    Y2K! Haha.
    I was a teller manager. The only time i was short $2300 and we could not find it. It was so odd and coincidental. We all had a laugh about it afterward.

  2. Crack Tower
    Crack Tower says:

    ISO TIME – 2019 08 02 20 26 25 is that how you do it? – Not sure on the spacing, Even this may not be correct. Please, if you could Draw/ Write ISO example on a piece of paper and show on screen, I could then get it exactly correct. Thanks (language to visual typing isnt easy)


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