Google Ranking Factors-How To Get Your Website On The First Page Of Google

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  1. Ryan Delaet
    Ryan Delaet says:

    Hey has anyone heard of this service before?

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    We can take any 20 key words, and half will end up in the #1 slot for Youtube. Even better, half of those will end up on the front page of Google.

    We've really cracked the code here, all of this is based on Google and Youtube's terms and services. We use our own youtube accounts to publish the videos so there is no down side. If anyone is interested give me a shout !

  2. Bohne Forsberg
    Bohne Forsberg says:

    nice energy and good simplification… this is the 12th video Ive seen…. and you found a great way to get to the point. Im attempting to get my clients site ranking hire… I feel your spot on… Hope to check you out again Bill… cheers

  3. dal kitou
    dal kitou says:

    Should you be looking to get more sales in your product, i would recommend using speed rank seo to get more site visitors from search engines. Just google it.

  4. Junayed Hasan
    Junayed Hasan says:

    Thank you for the great video.  I especially like the tip to see what people are googling by pressing different letters etc.  Subbed, added to a couple favorites too brother.

  5. Dicho fTw
    Dicho fTw says:

    SpeedRankSEO help me to rank my website on search engine.. you must try it!
    I start using SpeedRankSEO, so you have to do it too! It's REALLY very good for website ranking!

  6. Infallible Ji
    Infallible Ji says:

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