SEO Seller: How I Made Over Million Dollars in 1 Year?


I’ve had a great success in the SEO industry, so far, and it has resulted in a never ending flow of emails, calls and in-person consultations asking for my search …


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  1. Kramer McEleney
    Kramer McEleney says:

    good to hear the "locked in a closet" strategy for seo and making money. That's the plan I decided on a few months and I'm gonna be paying Chase Reiner to tutor me. Hoping to reach my first goal of paying bills with that.

  2. loukeyzeeTV
    loukeyzeeTV says:

    Hey Chris, I am Toronto based as well and I think you are sharing gems with us. Great help, and very authentic. I am looking to tap into digital marketing as well. I had great success doing this for my family's business and I want to sell my services and help others get results.

  3. busyrand
    busyrand says:

    This is one of the best "small" youtube channels on the net. You give so much high-quality information freely. I've gotta circle back and watch your SEO content as the rules for it have changed.


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