Why I Decided To Disrupt the SEO Industry | My Marketing Plans for 2020


Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people asking me hey Neil, what’s your goal? I see you on YouTube, I see you disrupting the SEO industry with …


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  1. lokI lokesh
    lokI lokesh says:

    @nielpatel : this idea seems lot like science fiction movie, first you need to understand server permissions to read and write data, how can you enable JavaScript piece of code to write code on its own, when server side permission is not there, if permission is there then security bug, idea needs strong technical backing… Unless until you build platform like Shopify, which has control of server, full stack of tech which is provided by your end to automate SEO, you can do it, I don't think so outside this automation is possible…

  2. Jubayer Hossain
    Jubayer Hossain says:

    Neil, another awesome video. It's very much true that in SEO industry there's no innovation. We don't or can't read data and take decision and then implementation. SEO is awesome! There's always something new. Good luck with your vision 2020, not that you need it.

  3. ali BADER
    ali BADER says:

    Hi Neil
    What is the best tools that you are using for SEO other than Ubersuggest that i can use, knowing that i am a beginner, and should i focus on learning all of them or go one by one ? Thank you

  4. Adam Scowen
    Adam Scowen says:

    Are you looking for beta testers?companies that you can work with while you’re building out the software? That way you can test if your system will work and at the same time help people who need a boost in their seo. If so can you tell us where to apply? Thanks

  5. Donavan Jones
    Donavan Jones says:

    Use machine learning to figure out what the "model of information" is on a site. Use the user matrix to determine the prime model, the model in which all other models get compared to in a given niche. For example. Crawl a bunch of plumbing sites and store the data in a database. Now use machine learning to figure out what the content is about. Next, use the user matrix to determine what content is right. Now re-analyze those sites and use the newly generate prime model to see if they are on track. What I mean is if your page is about plumbing repair but you don't talk about piping, pipe repair, burst pipes, plumber, water damage, etc.. then how can your page be about plumbing repair? The app will output suggestions based on your content and the prime model. Use this information to rewrite the pages content as you described in the video.


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