7-Step SEO Strategy for Beginners (30 Day Challenge)


An SEO Strategy is essential to help generate organic, qualified leads and clients to your website. By better understanding your target market and creating a …


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  1. ismaeel yaghoubi
    ismaeel yaghoubi says:

    Hi Chris. I was watching for quite awhile and they’re awesome. I like that u haven’t add any adds to ur videos which other youtubers do a lot. Make a video about your journey how you become a store holder and what you would do or do not if you back on beginning of your journey.

  2. Side Hustle Junkie
    Side Hustle Junkie says:

    This weeks homework is done.
    1. URLs. Done.
    2. Images and Alt Tags. Done.
    3. 2 Blog Posts. Done. – not as hard as you might think when you get your head down.
    4. Share posts on social media. Done.
    5. Get 5 Backlinks. Done. First 5 'outsourced' still working up my own. Struggling with Reddit kicking my posts back for trivial reasons.
    6. Sign up to 5 local directories. Done. Now I'm fighting off the sales calls from them all. Ha! Ha! It's worth it though.
    7. Confirm your Business NAP on Google. Done. Note you can do this without publicising your address and phone number so it's still worth doing if you don't have business premises.

  3. Side Hustle Junkie
    Side Hustle Junkie says:

    Chris, the site i'm working up is https://lashenvybeauty.com it is my daughters second business (she is 18) my question is regarding local directories; she will probably always be selling eyelashes on line from home, so do you think it is still effective to get local directory entries. I'm happy to put in the effort to do it but would rather not have our home address online so prominently as we don't want people knocking on the door to buy lashes. Also with regards to image names, I've used the image name for humans so to speak and the Alt Tag to put the keyword(s) in, is it a problem if the name and Alt Tag are not the same.
    Top Shop by the way very impressive. Thanks for sharing your wisdom … most people would keep it to themselves or want to get you on a course for what you give away for free .

  4. William Sanchez
    William Sanchez says:

    Dam, what a badass looking office Chris. Proud of all your work and thanks for all the advice. You are making a big impact on all our lives. By the way, you explain SEO better than most people I've seen.

  5. Enmanuel Diaz
    Enmanuel Diaz says:

    I’m so looking forward to this challenge! I feel the hardest part will be to get good quality backlinks I know that you recommend using (the F word ✅) in another on of your videos, but I’m scared that if googles sees they are bought backlinks it could harm my site or I could get band from my website showing up in search. Is that something that could happen?


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