Is Your Website Speed โš“ Lowering Your Rank? ๐Ÿค”

Is Your Website Speed โš“ Lowering Your Rank? ๐Ÿค”


Kori Ashton gives you a quick look at a highly important SEO Ranking Factor. Did you know that your website’s speed can be impactful on your ranking on …


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  1. EdmontonRealEstate01
    EdmontonRealEstate01 says:

    Hello Kori, My name is Ron and I have an off-topic question for you and I hope you have the time to answer. I am new to WordPress and I'm trying to figure out how to place a right hand side bar on my page that falls below the banner image that I have created. So far all I get is the sidebar pushing my banner image to the left. The theme I'm using is the Astra theme and under customization I have used the spacing to see if pushing it down would give me the desired result, but that didn't work either. I'm assuming that I either need to know how to code it or I need to buy a plugin that will help me overcome this. I know you're a busy person and your help and suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. thank you and have a great day.

  2. Scott Smithson
    Scott Smithson says:

    Hi I got the menu to work it was just something with the demo I figured it out! I have another question for you Its about the plugin by ThemeForest called the video gallery WordPress plugin/w youtube and Vimeo the URL of the video you where talking is in the video you said the only way to use the plugin is a WordPress .com version? is that the domain or WordPress? So my problem is I have a problem with the youtube videos slowing down my pages to like a 7 second load time and I need some help is there a plugin that can help my problem by lighting the youtube videos on my page it's adding so much weight. Google+ uses a clever technique for embedding YouTube videos โ€“ it just embeds the thumbnail image of a YouTube video and the actual video player is loaded only when the user manually clicks the thumbnail.

    YouTube thumbnail images are about 15 kB in size so we are able to reduce the byte size of web pages by 500+ kb. Thatโ€™s huge! do you know how to do something like this with a plugin. Or do you know if there is anything from ThemeForest or if the plugin I you talked about would work?

    Thank you


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