SEO Checklist 2019: Get More Organic Traffic (Step-by-Step)


Want a detailed SEO checklist to grow your website’s organic traffic? This tutorial covers the absolute must-dos to rank higher on Google, step-by-step.


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  1. ingeneren
    ingeneren says:

    thank you for the information, however I had to slow the video speed down to .75 because of the camera shots flashing in and out. It was too fast to read or write the snippet down. Great content though, thank you.

  2. Jonathon Emery
    Jonathon Emery says:

    This is definitely a good video with lots of great advice, but can you guys please stop using exact match keyword titles for your content? It looks so much like 2010 SEO when you do that, and you should honestly be above that.

    "SEO Checklist 2019" – seriously? I facepalmed when I read that. It's so obviously written for a search algorithm instead of a person. "Guys we gotta get that exact match keyword right at the beginning of the title every time!". No you don't. It's clunky and painful to read. You'd rank just as well with "The Definitive SEO Checklist for 2019" or something similar.

    I know you're not the only ones who do this (Brian Dean has a video with almost the exact same title and subtitle), but from someone who's done SEO for 10 years, it honestly just looks silly, and furthermore makes the industry itself look a little silly because you guys are such visible leaders in the space.

  3. J YH
    J YH says:

    Another EXCELLENT vid, Sam! Thank you. 🙏

    I really appreciate that you acknowledge that your keyword difficulty metrics are “rough estimates”.

    And… Nice nod to Eric Ward. Sometimes we spend so much time looking ahead that we forget what we can learn from those that came before us.

  4. Hritik patgiri
    Hritik patgiri says:

    Hey ahrefs team if you are looking to this comment then please think about it… How can a beginner blogger can pay 100$ per month on ahrefs… So can you less the price for beginners

  5. Kagura TheWindSorcerer
    Kagura TheWindSorcerer says:

    This video comes at the right time! More than just a checklist, it also serves as a very systematic workflow to implement. Can't thank you enough, Sam! You really are a true master of SEO! You make boring, complicated-looking SEO so fun to handle! Looking forward to your next videos!

  6. Yunus Shaikh
    Yunus Shaikh says:

    I'm very greatful for your knowledge and video which you giving us for free,
    But I have one suggestion I'm from India and I found for local search ahref doesn't have much data,

    For that reason I have to rely on Google or other tools.
    Thanks again for your video


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