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SEO for Beginners 2019 – Core Search Engine Optimization Lessons for beginners. You can learn more about search engine …


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  1. DMSProduktions
    DMSProduktions says:

    Hi Tolga, a quick question mate. I had my 2TB HD fail about 3 weeks ago on this computer. Seems R/W head may have failed or jammed, whilst playing a game, the game crashed and HD became unreadable. I got a new 3TB WD disk.

    Sadly I had copied over a whole pile of holiday video and some live concert vid I was working on when it failed. I desperately want to be able to retreieve it somehow? IS there any chance to recover data on a failed HD? (Depending on the failure of course!) Linux kept telling me it was a comms error! ANY thoughts mate. IDC if I can't get it bootable any more, but to at least get vid and pics off it. I had it partitioned into 5 partitions, running 3 boots of Win7. Thanks!

  2. TechPP
    TechPP says:

    I have recently migrated blogspot blog to WordPress with proper 301 redirection but I see both of the sites old and new indexed. Old site is not getting deindexed and shows cached version of web page at end of URL. I don't understand why those old aite page not getting deindexed. I even tried to check old sites URL in search console fetch as Google tool there also it shows as status as completed not redirected, when actually those page get redirected to new site page when I click on that. Can you please tell what's the reason???????

  3. punit bayad
    punit bayad says:

    I want to add a seo widget which says enter url then the widget should give them results of what they need to fix on their website. It could be called a small seo automated audit. Do you know that kind of widget?


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