SEO for Squarespace 2017-2018


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  1. Bemoreactive
    Bemoreactive says:

    Hi Hannah – in my settings for SEO, I only have SITE META DATA instead of 2 seperate places: search engine description and website basic info – site description. Am I missing a spot to update, or does site meta data cover both i some squarespace templates ? thanks for your advice!

  2. Dawg Boss
    Dawg Boss says:

    Hey, another question! this is in regards to my shopping cart. Sorry if you have a video on this i'll watch that! But my shopping cart doesn't show at all and i don't know why or how to get it to show. if you select a product it says added to cart. but wheres the actual cart?! im going crazy lol

  3. Becky Humphreys
    Becky Humphreys says:

    Hannah, you're the best! You DO have great content, I think I've learned more from you than anywhere. Thanks for the great tips (and it was nice and personal to see your face!). Wish I could give your videos more thumbs up!


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