Wix SEO vs. WordPress: An Ahrefs Study of 6.4M Domains


Can Wix websites rank in Google? We compared the SEO metrics of 3.2 million Wix websites against the same number of WordPress ones. Here’s what we …


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  1. Neo
    Neo says:

    Wix and sqaurespace are aweful because of how limited they are when trying to customize things.

    WordPress is so much better to use when you want to do something specifically.

    I don't take on clients who have either of those two. They're too much of a headache

  2. Riazuddin Jeelani
    Riazuddin Jeelani says:

    Hey Sam, I am not a much of a talker, so I usually don't comment on your videos, but hey I watch all of them or almost all them. 🙂 I must say the knowledge you share via your videos is incredible, and I'm sure people out there spending 100s or 1000s of $ for the same knowledge… BUT, I'd have a request/favor to ask – I was hoping if you could create a video on finding expired domains using Ahrefs… I would REALLLLY appreciate your help.

    Keep the knowledge coming and let the dummies like me become expert 😉


  3. Sky London
    Sky London says:

    Very much needed video. I agree with your conclusions, but there is a factor that people with WordPress tend to spend money on SEO as a-pose to WIX which is offen people just making a quick website themselves, thus effecting the data.
    But I think you accounted for this with then mean. 👍

    IQUUDO says:

    Thank you so much for the thorough analysis. As I've been getting my feet we in SEO I've been asking this question with no clear. You provided enough information for me to make my own conclusion, it depends on what your goal is on which will work better for SEO. You rock Sam & Ahrefs.

  5. Making Money
    Making Money says:

    Great Video! Please do a WIX vs SQUARESPACE video like this as it'll be more like Apples vs Apples. We need to keep in mind WIX and WordPress users have very different needs. One wants to get up a quick website without little skills and as you say, probably uses it for branding (with support from social media traffic) and the other wants to dominate the Web 😛
    Anyway, useful information and I'll pass it onto my audience.

  6. bestonlineresults
    bestonlineresults says:

    I have highly ranked a WIX site in a fairly competitive space in the local market. I am picking up another client who has a Wix site. We are going to start with what we have and go from there. I’ll keep you posted.

  7. The1 Tenth
    The1 Tenth says:

    I personally do not work SEO with customers that own a WIX website, it has too many limitations that make the work super time consuming and don't always get the expected results.

  8. The Foodophile
    The Foodophile says:

    I'm a wix expert. I have designed my website and my clients website on wix. I did feel the SEO work was limited before they updated, now I can add schema tags and add canonical. I didn't face much difficulty in ranking my clients websites.

  9. Bruno Erberelli
    Bruno Erberelli says:

    True! I work with both, WIX and WORDPRESS, same business and same marketing approach. WIX has 600 access per month and WORDPRESS has 9.5K access per month. It does not mean that it will convert that much, but it converts better than WIX.
    In my experience, if you don't have any experience on webmaster/webdesigner, or, if you are running your own business and want to build some quick website, WIX is much easier.
    If you have some webmaster/webdesign knowledge, or, if you are quick learning. Go with WORDPRESS.

  10. SOQ Official
    SOQ Official says:

    Hey, Sam. Ahrefs got many fans in China. Will you come to China to attend the Shenzhen SEO Conference in the middle of July. It is a great Chance to promote your business in China

  11. John Chereson
    John Chereson says:

    I only use wix for not only my website but for my clients as well. I have several websites that rank #1 Globally for many different business categories and keywords / phrases. It all comes down to knowing how to do seo properly. I choose wix over anything else.

  12. Michael Williams
    Michael Williams says:

    It boils down to customization, WordPress offers more customization which directly affects the amount SEO issues that can be addressed. Wix restrictrictions make SEO next to null which directly affects how Google crawls and relates the website material when indexing.

  13. Russ Michaels
    Russ Michaels says:

    My immediate thought was it is largely down to the person who made the site. WIX is targeted at business owners with ZERO skills to do it themselves. so it makes sense to also assume that the average WIX site has likely not had any SEO done at all as the person who made the website has no idea what SEO even is.
    Whereas the people making WordPress websites are more likley to be web designers and developers or at the very least more clued up and thus will have performed some SEO on the site.

  14. Constantino Co
    Constantino Co says:

    This is what I always communicate to my clients where Wix is a good starting platform for low budget startup business and when the business grows they should look for a better CMS platform for a couple of reasons which were mentioned in the last part of this video.


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