- Fantastic new website for watch enthusiasts

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  1. Andrei Tamas
    Andrei Tamas says:

    The website ranks the watch brands in five 6 categories from Ultra Luxury to just "watches". Seems like a good reference to know where a certain brand ranks and a place to learn about brands you may mot have heard about.

  2. Alexandre Besson
    Alexandre Besson says:

    Yo Big boy …. This vid is a fucking joke !!! Work your topic before u open your mouth… This inscriptions at The 6 o clock Will help you to évaluate The age of your rolex !! This T>25 were tritium dials, this inscription means that The radiation of The tritium Was under 25 something grade which means it Was not dangerous for health. Rolex had to print this on The dial according to US régulations at The Time for export .
    You ain t no pontif, your knowledge is not what you pretend!!! Read more, learn And shut The fuck up until then !!! Unsubscribed for good…
    You are f*ckin joke AC3

  3. RationalPragmatist
    RationalPragmatist says:

    seems pretty useless compared to a site like the Watch Enthusiast – is this a new sponsor or what? In fact, it's pretty bad; they give an entry level to heart to Shinola (makes only quartz watches that aren't really made in the USA) and doesn't heart Christopher Ward that makes mechanical watches.


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