What Affects Your Rankings On Google? 6 Factors You Must Know - Part 3


What Affects Your Rankings On Google? – 6 Factors You Must Know Hi there welcome to part three of this video tutorial where I talk about the key pieces on SEO …


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  1. HumbleAK
    HumbleAK says:

    Hello Jordan, I'm really following and learning from your videos.

    Now on this video when you talked about 'the factors that affects websites ranking on Google'. One of it was 'Content' – when you said "copied and spinned content will affect your site ranking. But what in a case when you can't afford to outsource of write all the content on your site, then you copied a little from other website and edits it with your own words and terms – most times the new edited content even end up passing CopyScape, that's like being 100% unique again.

    I want to ask, will that newly edited 100% unique content gets flagged by Google as a copied content? or Google will start seeing it as a new – genuine content and rank your site.

    Thanks once again

  2. Martha L Williams
    Martha L Williams says:

    This is meant as constructive: you talk too much. I set the player to 1.25 x so I could get through this. The review was good. Just listen and see that you spent too long on each point. Also your intro and close are too loud. Good content. Maybe next video I will just read it 🙂


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